What makes us better at short term rental compliance

The short term rental compliance industry has recently sprung up as a major concern amongst cities and counties in North America.   The challenge of ensuring compliance is that many of the major short term rental listing sites do not fully identify the name of the operator/manager and address of the properties offered.  Several vendors out

Harmari by LTAS Awarded Contract for Santa Fe Short Term Rental Compliance

November 1, 2016 LTAS Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce a contract in response to the City of Santa Fe Request for Proposal for Short-Term Rental (STR) Compliance Software and Services. Santa Fe selected LTAS and its Harmari™ Taxcrawler service to analyze, identify via public record, and continuously monitor all Short Term Rentals advertised on

Short Term Rental Compliance

We offer the following services to help with the short term rental (STR) compliance tasks: 24/7 Complaints Tipline with real-time outbound notifications Direct Mail or Phone-based Outreach to non-compliant STR operators STR web and mobile-enabled registration page for new licensees Licensee and Tax Payment processing via PayPal Receive and compile audio / video documentation of

Detect Contraband Tobacco on grey/dark web

A high cigarette tax is motivation for many to seek out suppliers that sell low-priced counterfeits, cigarettes diverted from low-tax jurisdictions (such as an Indian reservation or from Virginia). In all cases it is some form of tax evasion and taken very seriously by revenue agencies. Harmari Search plays an active role in detecting all

Ridesharing services face increasing scrutiny by regulators

For more than 2 years now, the world’s established taxi services industries have battled online ridesharing, and ride hailing mobile apps such as Uber, Lyft, GrabTaxi, Didi Dache, and others.  Both Uber and Lyft each have 100,000 drivers retained as self-employed contractors, although their status as contractors is hotly contested in California (see CNBC article). 

Custom Columns enable fast, efficient compliance investigations

Custom Columns is a valuable new feature in Harmari Search, which will open up the metadata associated with Craigslist ads into a tabular format making it easy for compliance investigations.  You can go with our recommended presets, or select your own columns in our easy selection interface.  If you make a mistake, no problem; simply

Harmari Search v2.4 released

LTAS Technologies proudly announces its new Harmari Search release 2.4, which contains many exciting new features and a better user experience. Highlighted changes include: Reduced Delay to Collect Live Craigslist ads Added Custom column layout, industry-specific presets and reporting Added option to turn on horizontal scrolling Added “Sort by Unlicensed” for Contractor compliance reporting within

Click-Thru Affiliate Nexus

21 States have passed or pending Click-Thru or Affiliate Nexus legislation, and 12 states are considering it as of this writing.  The phenomenon is known as Click-Thru because it requires an out-of-state retailer to use an in-state marketing affiliate to promote his/her products through their e-commerce site.   Once customers have purchased product beyond $10,000 from that out-of-state retailer via the marketing affiliate, that retailer is now required to collect and remit sales tax to the state.  Now many state revenue agencies would call this the “Amazon Law” which compels the largest e-commerce retailer in the US to collect sales tax.  But there are many other high-grossing e-commerce sites with no retail presence that need to be added to this list as well:

  • Etsy (online hand-made arts and crafts site)
  • Ebay (online auction / retail site)
  • Groupon (Daily deals on products and services in major cities)
  • NewEgg (Electronics, computer parts, peripherals)
  • SteamPowered (Sells video games direct to consumer)
  • Overstock (Brand name surplus and over-produced items)
  • 6pm (name brand shoes)
  • BhPhotoVideo (photography, consumer electronics)

Many states also have specific language on what constitutes an affiliate solicitation.  For example, California requires an explicit “pushed” solicitation resulting in a transaction, such as an email.  Other states such as Illinois require merely a promotional coupon from that retailer.  Yet other states are unsure what scenarios constitute an affiliate solicitation.

That being said, technology exists that can help automatically harvest as many affiliates as possible in-state.  TaxCrawler can make the task of finding these sites very easy.  This leads the state agency to merely codify the rules around affiliate nexus, and let TaxCrawler do the digging on the internet.

Here are some examples of Affiliate Nexus that can be extracted.

Estimated Total AirBnB Host Revenues by City

Popular short term rental booking websites like AirBnB have demonstrated that the internet can be a lucrative marketplace that tax and revenue must heed.  In fact, the $25 Billion valuation should be further evidence of the value of a grey-market for tax called the Sharing Economy.  Tax Discovery departments for the state, city and county

Skycrawler – find non-registered personal property in your jurisdiction

Update: if you’re looking for the short term rental drop-hosting article, click here Montana has been known as a tax haven for individuals who wish to avoid paying the sales/use tax on a high ticket item such as a luxury vehicle or a motor home / RV. An estimated 122,000 RVs are registered to Montana