Municipal Business Licensing and Revenue departments can leverage online open source websites to identify businesses that would otherwise not be discovered operating in their locality.  Many businesses are aware of the power of advertising Local Services online, but they may not be aware of the taxation implications of a particular city or locality.  Revenue enhancement allows the municipality to increase total collected revenues by better enforcement of its Ordinances, while maintaining tax levels and not having to seek grants or external funding sources.

Short Term Rentals

Due to the rise of the sharing economy and short-term rentals offered by owners or residents, municipalities are feeling a reduced amount of hotel tax revenue as visitors stay in private homes where taxes are not collected.  Many municipalities find it difficult to either enforce a ban, or partially regulate or fully regulate short term rentals.  Learn More about what Harmari Taxcrawler can do for short term rental compliance.

Fighting Homestead Exemption Fraud

Furthermore, some individuals may exploit their locality by claiming a tax exemption like a fraudulent “Homestead Exemption”, when requires them to declare that locality their primary residence.  By cross-checking properties on a real estate rental listing against your locality’s exemption list, you can reclaim lost revenues due to fraudulent tax exemptions.

The Harmari tools can provide that information to Cities, Municipalities, and Counties that want to take advantage of revenue enhancement by analyzing online leads.  Contact LTAS Technologies for a free quote and sample report.

Inspection Mapping

Field investigators need easy and quick access to locations to visit in their work day.  Inspection Mapper is designed with this work flow in mind and is operated from laptop, tablet or mobile device.  Learn More