Ridesharing services face increasing scrutiny by regulators

For more than 2 years now, the world’s established taxi services industries have battled online ridesharing, and ride hailing mobile apps such as Uber, Lyft, GrabTaxi, Didi Dache, and others.  Both Uber and Lyft each have 100,000 drivers retained as self-employed contractors, although their status as contractors is hotly contested in California (see CNBC article). …mm

Custom Columns enable fast, efficient compliance investigations

Custom Columns is a valuable new feature in Harmari Search, which will open up the metadata associated with Craigslist ads into a tabular format making it easy for compliance investigations.  You can go with our recommended presets, or select your own columns in our easy selection interface.  If you make a mistake, no problem; simply…mm

Harmari Search v2.4 released

LTAS Technologies proudly announces its new Harmari Search release 2.4, which contains many exciting new features and a better user experience. Highlighted changes include: Reduced Delay to Collect Live Craigslist ads Added Custom column layout, industry-specific presets and reporting Added option to turn on horizontal scrolling Added “Sort by Unlicensed” for Contractor compliance reporting within…mm

Harmari Top 10 Report delivered daily to your inbox

The Top 10 Report grew out of a need for investigators to quickly review high-value leads of sellers on Craigslist based on specific category, keyword, or identifying parameters.  Secondly, we now prefer to have data pushed to us rather than having to search it ourselves.  These two critical needs are combined in this new Report…mm

Email campaign for Craigslist ads increases licensees: A Case Study

The PDF in this article illustrates the point that a carefully orchestrated email campaign can be effective at raising awareness of licensing requirements for contractors at the state level.  Front and center of this case study based on Louisiana is the Harmari Contractor Report, and the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. Open Case Study…mm

Phone number reverse lookup now available

LTAS Technologies now provides phone number reverse lookup services to its customers.  By having a reverse lookup capability, LTAS can now close the loop on all background checks of online classifieds.  The reverse lookup searches on phone numbers, both land line and cellphone numbers, and if there is a match, can provide the full name…mm

Automatic License Validation for Classified Ads

Harmari Engine handles license checking services efficiently and accurately for your organization.  It’s a real time-saver when considering it can take up to 8 hours of manual labour just to check 100 licensees advertising in an online classified.  The Harmari Contractor Report provides you with a column colour-coded for easy recognition of whether an ad…mm

Why reverse phone number lookup doesn’t work

As an investigator, tracking down the name, address that belong to a phone number are critical skills.  The power of the Internet allows us to search for anything!  If you were to reverse-lookup the phone number on a given car ad which was “for sale by owner”, and it came back with different cars for…mm