New device may solve short term rental noise issues

David Krauss, the founder of NoiseAware, has developed technology that detects party house activity, excessive noise and alerts the short term rental (STR) operator before the neighbours complain and the cops show up.  Marketed as a “smoke detector for noise”, the device works by connecting wirelessly to the residence’s network, and will notify by email or SMS when the noise exceeds a certain threshold during user-defined customizable quiet hours.  NoiseAware can eliminate neighbor complaints, expensive fines, and property damage.  This holds promise for cities as a key tool to help enforce noise and code rules.  NoiseAware is partnered with HomeAway and with the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA).  Furthermore the monitoring service is priced at a very affordable $149/year, which is most likely less costly than a noise violation fine from your City!