Announcing Harmari STR version 10.8

Harmari is pleased to announce a new release of Harmari STR version 10.8. The features include the following: Manual tax entry and cash payment page for City Import file for multiple STR registrations and tax payments Estimated revenue data for past 3 years – added Better reporting and oversight of Compliance Analysts More systematic and…mm

Announcing Harmari STR version 10.7

Harmari proudly announces the release of Harmari STR version 10.7 to help with Short Term Rental compliance. It includes the important features below: additional charts for Dashboard report to assist with licensing and permitting Auto-copy listing images to supporting evidence added options and sorted compliance workflow pages customizations to Excel report to minimize formatting and…mm

Four simple ways outreach drives short term rental compliance

Many cities and counties throughout the country are struggling to get short term rentals to become compliant.  After sending a letter or making a phone call to one of these short term rental hosts, there are four possible outcomes 1. Take Their Ad Down If a short term rental host takes their ad down, that…mm

Harmari STR version 10.6 release

Harmari proudly announces the release of Harmari STR version 10.6 to help with Short Term Rental compliance.  It includes the important features below Electronic Registration and Payment system for STRs using Paypal Automated Mail Merge tool to generate your own letters based on custom business / workflow rules Violations Report which prioritizes all ordinance, zoning…mm

Registration and Payments

Harmari STR compliance has revamped its registration form and tax & permit payment processing.  The registration form can include the basic information such as STR address and property manager name Owner name 24-hour emergency contact Condo/HOA adherence acknowledgement Health and Safety Checklist Electronic Signature Mobile-friendly interface Payment processing for licensing fees and lodging tax is…mm

Online Tax Discovery Post-Wayfair

Now that the decision to tax out-of-state online retailers has been made in South Dakota v Wayfair, state revenue agencies can relax and wait for the money to roll in! Not so fast, what about all those small businesses?  Sure, it’s easy enough to knock on Amazon’s door and ask them to collect the tax…mm

FeWo Ferienwohnung illegale Kurzzeitvermietung kontrollieren STR

Wir bieten Städten & Hausverwaltungen Dienste zur Überwachung von Kurzzeitvermietern: Vor-Ort 24/7 Melde-Hotline für Hinweise an Kunden, Kommune und Polizei Post oder Telefonkontakt zu verdächtigen FeWo-Betreibern FeWo/STR web- und mobilfähige Registrierungsseite für Neukunden Lizenzgebühr und Steuern via PayPal Audio-/Videodokumentation von STR-Verstößen empfangen und zusammenführen Integriertes Fallmanagement zu illegalen Abläufen Interaktive dynamischer Berichte jederzeit von Webportal…mm

Pet services booking site Rover could yield a sales tax bonanza for some states

Some states have tax laws that require sales tax to be collected on pet services, such as dog walking, pet sitting, pet grooming and more.  Those services with the help of a booking site Rover are being advertised online today with many in your community that you were not even aware.  How big is the…mm

Contrôle des locations de courte durée et locations saisonnières

Nous offrons les services suivants aux villes et aux gestionnaires immobiliers pour vous aider avec les tâches de contrôle de location de courte durée (LCD) : Ligne téléphonique de signalement des plaintes 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7, avec notifications en temps réel. Diffusion par mail ou par téléphone auprès des gestionnaires de…mm

Inspeccion de Apartamentos Turisticos y Viviendas uso turístico (VUT)

Ofrecemos los siguientes servicios a las administraciones públicas para ayudar con las tareas de inspección de alquileres temporales, apartamentos turísticos y vivienda turística: Informes interactivos accesibles en cualquier momento a través de nuestro portal web Página web de VUT y página de registro para nuevos operadores Contacto por correo o teléfono a los operadores de…mm