Solve for X – The Short Term Rental Tax Gap

Harmari recently released a 20-minute training video on the technical challenges associated with detecting short term rentals (STRs, also known as STVRs) that are non-registered or under-reporting for lodging tax (also known as TOT, transient lodging tax, transient occupancy tax, bed tax, accommodations tax, etc).  Key metrics are discussed that help estimate identification and monitoring costs associated with a tax or licensing and compliance program.  Here are some highlights:

  • Goals of an STR lodging tax compliance program
  • Why monitoring is lower cost than identifying STRs and relevancy to multi-year contracts
  • Typical identification percentages, and non-registration discovery rates
  • The triangulation of information
  • De-duplication of inventory
  • Workflow of a tax collection or code compliance program dedicated to STRs
  • Trade-offs of In-house work versus outsourcing, and keys to outsourcing a program

Please check out this video on Youtube:

Or download from our website (1 GB takes ~ 1 hour):


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