How can your services benefit me?

Let us handle the dirty work of processing open source data into useful information, and you can focus more on how the information can benefit your operation. This online classified is only a small sample of the capabilities of the Harmari services available.

What makes us different?

At Harmari, we are results-driven, and have a passion for powerful algorithms and analytical tools. Having over 9 years of development experience, Harmari has a proven track record of text-mining solutions. All our development is done 100% on-shore and we will work together with you to achieve the best results for your data.

What would I expect to pay for this service?

Most of the commercial text mining packages out there can cost over $10,000 out of the box. If customizations are involved, costs can easily skyrocket to over ten times that. But the Harmari service is available for a significantly lower subscription fee.

Most of the time a customer doesn’t even know what value lies in their data and can have a difficult time justifying the return on investment for such a product. We can customize your text-mining solution for a highly competitive price, and will familiarize ourselves with your business goals to ensure that our tools aim to achieve that goal.