Short Term Rental Compliance

Short Term Rental Compliance

Identify and monitor short term rentals, collect lodging tax and ensure compliance with local laws

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Web Identity Search Tool (WIST)

Web Identity Search Tool (WIST)

Find links between people on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media websites

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Harmari Search

Harmari Search

Search over 1.9 billion archived Craigslist, AutoTrader, Letgo and OfferUp classified ads

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Harmari was developed by LTAS Technologies to analyze online classifieds, e-commerce and social media sites to identify pages suspected of fraud or criminal activity.  Harmari Tools can be used in investigating auto theft, auto fraud, and curbstoning, criminal investigations, insurance fraud, tax scofflaws, and unlicensed businesses.

The Harmari Tools save you time when analyzing many classifieds at once, conducting preliminary investigations that are more efficient and more complete than a manual analysis.

Harmari STR helps with Short Term Rental Compliance with Taxcrawler, which helps with identifying and monitoring properties for lodging tax collection, licensing and code compliance.

  • Industry leading evidence collection standards of at least 2 screenshots
  • 95% accuracy guarantee for houses, 75% for condos
  • tax reporting module and sophisticated under-reporting detection
  • easy registration portal customized to your local laws
  • phone and direct mail outreach for enforcement
  • mobile-responsive web portal accessible anywhere

Harmari Search is an archive of over 1.9 billion online classifieds to help fight vehicle odometer fraud, vehicle title fraud, property crimes, insurance fraud and other criminal activity. Easily search classifieds archives going back to 2013 on Craigslist, Facebook, OfferUp, Letgo, Autotrader and more

Curbstoners prey on unsuspecting consumers through free classified marketplaces such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Between 20-40% of vehicles that are “For Sale By Owner” can be attributed to curbstoning activity. Harmari is the answer to quickly and easily find these individuals.

• Phone number search (including spelled out), VIN,
Keyword, Address, Make/Model/Year
• Curbfinder Report – silver-platter investigation leads
with all curbstoners in the area
• Hot Sheet to help correlate multiple vehicles to the
same seller
• Top 10 Report showing top curbstoners in the area
• Odometer Discrepancy Detection Report

30% increase in arrests, 300% increase in odometer fraud cases in first year


60 cases of illegal vehicle dealer, avg. fines $15,000. Highest fine $47,000. “100% efficiency boost” in first 6 months
Iowa DOT – 33 odometer/title fraud leads discovered in first 3 months

Southwest state DOT

Web Identity Search Tool, or WIST, is the fastest Social Network Analysis tool for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. It helps extract thousands of timeline posts and friends lists for an account, and easily exports to PDF, Excel or other standard formats.

• Unlock friend-links in minutes instead of days or weeks
• Keyword search full timeline, comments, and likes in one searchable PDF
• Isolate the real account amongst the duplicates
• Download thousands of photos from a friends network
• Download Facebook Marketplace items to combat counterfeit and stolen merchandise

My favorite time savers are the second and third degree Facebook friend searches. I could do a second degree search myself, but it would take a lot longer than WIST. And a third degree search is one I’d never want to undertake on my own. WIST helps me quickly focus on the connected individuals I need to tie larger enterprises together.

Elizabeth, Senior Special Investigator

“ WIST saved me so much time, as I was able to extract the entire timeline (248 pages in a pdf document)
in a matter of seconds. It would have taken me hours, even days, to do that otherwise. The timeline
has proven very valuable in the defense of an injury claim.”

Heidi, SIU Investigator, Quincy Mutual

Custom Data Collection and Web Scraping

If you have a specific big data collection or web scraping project not covered by the products above, drop us a line. We'd love to hear about your needs and to develop a custom solution for you