Many municipalities have seen an increased need for short term rental compliance within their jurisdiction to

  • ensure compliance with building code, zoning laws, and business licensing requirements
  • enforce a ban on sensitive neighborhoods and subsidized housing
  • collect on transient occupancy taxes or lodging taxes
  • level the playing field between hotels and private short term rentals (STRs)

Some cities, counties, states and countries have already made taxation at source agreements with websites such as AirBnB, but the problem with that is many short term rental owner/operators create their own webpages and use listing services such as VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey and others to advertise their properties for rent.  Their booking process and payment is not through a single website, and thus a tax gap exists.

Harmari Taxcrawler has a specialized vacation rentals module that can find vacation rental operators, identify the operator name and address, and help estimate revenues.

  • Exact Street Address verified to the property listed via property tax records
  • Estimated revenues based upon reviews left by guests, and occupancy data
  • Automatic lookup of the latest public phone number records from trusted sources
  • Triangulation of Operator full name via social media, review data, public records, and property records
example Short Term Rental identification

Example Short Term Rental identification

Here is a sample report of several properties in New York, NY listed on AirBnB anonymized for privacy reasons:

Harmari Airbnb New York City sample

We also offer additional value-added services through our partners to help with the STR compliance tasks:

  • 24/7 Complaints Tipline with real-time notifications
  • Direct Mail Outreach (C&D, Taxes Owing, etc) to non-registered STRs
  • Phone-based Outreach or Field work via a partner collection agency
  • Licensee and Tax Payment processing via PayPal
  • Receive and compile audio / video documentation of STR violations
  • Integrated case management system of STR non-compliance histories
  • Weekly Dashboard Reports delivered to your Inbox

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