We offer the following services to help with the short term rental (STR) compliance tasks:

  • 24/7 Complaints Tipline with real-time outbound notifications
  • Direct Mail or Phone-based Outreach to non-compliant STR operators
  • STR web and mobile-enabled registration page for new licensees
  • Licensee and Tax Payment processing via PayPal
  • Receive and compile audio / video documentation of STR violations
  • Integrated case management system of STR non-compliance histories
  • Interactive Dynamic Reports accessible anytime via our web portal

Harmari STR can identify illegal short term rental operators

  • Exact Street Address including suite number verified to the property listed including condos and apartments
  • Estimated revenues based upon guest reviews and/or calendar booking data
  • Automatic lookup of the latest public phone number records from trusted sources
  • Triangulation of STR Operator’s full name via court-defensible evidence (social media, reviews, and public records)

example Short Term Rental identification

Harmari STR Full Report

with all information and links to underlying data

Customizable Heatmap of STR inventory which includes interactive, zoomable and mobile-enabled selection and editing:

harmari short term vacation rental interactive map

harmari code enforcement maximum guests short term rental

Code Violations Feature

Harmari STR makes it easy for Code Enforcement officers to look for violations of maximum occupants, or of maximum parking spots. Harmari’s web portal is also mobile-friendly and information can be reviewed and edited in the field.

Registration System: Harmari STR can include a user-friendly Web and Mobile-enabled interface for new STR operators to sign up and register

licensee registration form signature

harmari short term rentals web portal archive

24/7 web-based access

portal displaying all archives, case history, dynamic reports, dashboards, heatmaps and other output files from ongoing STR monitoring

24/7 complaints hotline with SMS and email notification. Inbound complaint handling by on-shore live operator. Live outbound notification to STR operator, police department, code enforcement, entry/integration into City software also available

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