Export Facebook Timeline to PDF

New in WIST 1.6.2 is the ability to export a Facebook user’s entire Timeline to PDF.  It is the most comprehensive, compact, and fastest way to export large volumes of Facebook content. Comprehensive Export As shown in the screenshot below, the exported PDF contains the profile of the poster, the graphic associated with the post,…mm

Setup an Alert on phone numbers

Suppose you’re investigating a property loss case and nothing comes up for the phone number(s) you searched.  You can actually setup an Alert system through the Top 10 feature of Harmari Search for those phone numbers. Below is an example of a completed Alert setup based on a single phone number of interest.  You can…mm

Bing Birds-eye gives you a fresh perspective on satellite imagery

Bing Maps provides a fresh alternative to Google Maps as a free resource for satellite imagery.  Specifically it has to do with the Birds Eye feature, which gives you an aerial view at 40 degrees from vertical.  The pictures are not shot by satellites but by aircraft with specially designed remote sensing technology.   Birdseye works…mm

Harmari Hot Sheet helps identify multiple stolen items on Craigslist

What if the same person was selling / parting out multiple stolen items?  What about items stolen from the same retail store, or warehouse or burglarized from a house?  How could an investigator sift through thousands of ads efficiently to find the culprit?  Harmari Hot Sheet directly addresses this need for Craigslist ads.  A 3-step…mm

Items for sale near an address on Craigslist

With the latest release of Harmari Search for Craigslist, an investigator can focus in on activity within a certain region of interest.  For example, a loss prevention officer can check whether high-value gift cards or stolen products may be posted for sale within 1 mile of a store’s retail location.  This is all easily accomplished…mm

Harmari Landing Page

  Access Harmari Search for Craigslist Access Harmari Search for AutoTrader* (private sale only) Download Web Identity Search Tool (for Facebook and LinkedIn*) Mapper OMVIC Unlicensed Contractor Investigations Enterprise Features * Harmari Search is not affiliated with Craigslist, Autotrader, LetGo, Offerup, Facebook or LinkedIn

Shopping for bad guys using Harmari and RAPID

These series of screenshots will demonstrate how easy it is to shop for bad guys on the Harmari Search for Craigslist, and also to make connections with other data sources such as the Regional Automated Property Information Database (RAPID) developed by Business Watch International.  RAPID tracks pawn shop, second-hand dealer, and scrap metal data for…mm