Phone number reverse lookup now available

LTAS Technologies now provides phone number reverse lookup services to its customers.  By having a reverse lookup capability, LTAS can now close the loop on all background checks of online classifieds.  The reverse lookup searches on phone numbers, both land line and cellphone numbers, and if there is a match, can provide the full name and address of the individual behind the number.  This works great for finding unlicensed individuals who want to avoid putting their personal identifying information in online ads.  By bundling the reverse lookup services with a Harmari Report, it now provides you with a turn-key solution to identifying those who are violating advertising laws or conducting underground business in your jurisdiction.

What’s more, the service is configured to your needs.  There is no charge for a “no results” search.  When bundled with a Contractor Report, the Harmari Engine can be configured to automatically run for any of the following license-check results: FAIL, MISMATCH, or MARGINAL.

The pricing is shown in the table below.  Take advantage of a 33% discount on the lookups when bundled with a Harmari Reports subscription.  Contact us today to hear how this reverse lookup service can work for your organization.

Number of Lookups Regular Price Price Bundled with Harmari Reports
20 $80 $50
50 $150 $100
100 $240 $160