WIST 1.4 Released – improved Unlock Friends List, Extract Timeline posts

Due to the frequent requests of our customers, we have completed two absolutely critical features for Web Identity Search Tool (WIST) for Facebook investigation. Unlock Friends List for 1 User Mutual match with 2 Facebook users has been around since WIST was created, but based on popular requests from our customers, we’ve added the ability…mm

Social Network Analysis for Law Enforcement

A recent survey conducted by Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions found that about 80% of law enforcement officers use social media platforms to assist in investigations, and 67% of them believe social media helps solve crimes more quickly[1]. Richmond, VA police successfully used Social Network Analysis (SNA) to corroborate evidence collected by detectives in interviews, as…mm

Web Identity Search Tool (WIST) 1.2 Webinar Demo

On Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 1 PM EST, a webinar to demonstrate WIST version 1.2 will take place.  Please email info AT harmari DOT com. New features in this release: link analysis results now displayed in a social network analysis visualization (see screenshot) search results now provide paging for 100+ matches print-friendly reports of…mm