WIC and SNAP benefits trafficking on Craigslist

A sample of Craigslist ads were taken to identify welfare benefits (SNAP, WIC) being trafficked.  Harmari Search can help to identify both benefits recipients and participating vendors who are buying/selling SNAP EBT or WIC benefits on Craigslist. Finding SNAP EBT cards for sale on Craigslist is an obvious welfare fraud violation.  In fact many in

$5.5 Million of Illegally Exported Cars registered through Craigslist Straw Buyers

$500 or $1,000 sounds like a good deal if you are needy looking for a roommate or are looking for work. Illegal Car Exporters recruited straw buyers desperate for cash or rooms from Craigslist and would rent access to the fraudulent addresses they used to register the vehicles in the states to cover up their

Craigslist Odometer Discrepancy statistics

Below are some statistics generated from Craigslist autos ‘private sale’ ads where a VIN was provided, and the percentage of those VINs containing odometer discrepancies or invalid 17-digit VINs. Odometer discrepancy and invalid VIN data courtesy of Carfax. Craigslist raw data courtesy LTAS Technologies Inc [table tablesorter=”1″ width:500px align:center] City,State,Odometer Discrepancy[attr style=”width:20%”],VIN Error[attr style=”width:20%”] Atlanta,GA,11%,13%

Upgrades to Harmari Search for Craigslist v1.3

LTAS Technologies is proud to announce the latest upgrades to Harmari™ Search for Craigslist (formerly known as Craigslist Power Search).   You now have much more power at your fingertips than ever before for browsing over 68 million live and historic Craigslist ads: Harmari Search covers all 38 “For Sale” categories of Craigslist for USA and

Craigslist Power Search upgrades

Announcing the latest Craigslist Power Search with the following changes: upgraded server for improved response time and uptime added special category “Farm / Heavy Equipment” specially suited for auto theft investigators and SIUs added Make/Model/Year search specially suited for auto theft investigators and SIUs added account creation and account management for each user improved user

Email campaign for Craigslist ads increases licensees: A Case Study

The PDF in this article illustrates the point that a carefully orchestrated email campaign can be effective at raising awareness of licensing requirements for contractors at the state level.  Front and center of this case study based on Louisiana is the Harmari Contractor Report, and the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. Open Case Study

Harmari Short Term Rental Compliance

Help Guide Last Updated November 1, 2021. Contents Getting Started Harmari’s web portal is optimally accessed with the following Browser/OS configurations Chrome or Firefox on Windows 10 Chrome, Safari or Firefox on Mac OS Chrome, Opera or Firefox on Linux The Windows 10 default browser is Edge, and Windows 7 default browser is Internet Explorer