Craigslist Odometer Discrepancy statistics

Below are some statistics generated from Craigslist autos ‘private sale’ ads where a VIN was provided, and the percentage of those VINs containing odometer discrepancies or invalid 17-digit VINs. Odometer discrepancy and invalid VIN data courtesy of Carfax. Craigslist raw data courtesy LTAS Technologies Inc

City State Odometer Discrepancy VIN Error
Atlanta GA 11% 13%
Boston MA 1% 19%
Chicago IL 2% 19%
Dallas TX 6% 13%
Des Moines IA 3% 5%
Miami FL 9% 16%
New York City NY 10% 4%
Phoenix AZ 5% 15%
Raleigh NC 6% 7%
Sacramento CA 6% 12%
Seattle WA 2% 14%
Washington DC 2% 16%

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