WIC and SNAP benefits trafficking on Craigslist

A sample of Craigslist ads were taken to identify welfare benefits (SNAP, WIC) being trafficked.  Harmari Search can help to identify both benefits recipients and participating vendors who are buying/selling SNAP EBT or WIC benefits on Craigslist.

Finding SNAP EBT cards for sale on Craigslist is an obvious welfare fraud violation.  In fact many in the Craigslist community actively flag ads containing such solicitation.  However baby formula sold on Craigslist is not an obvious offense.  It could’ve been legitimately sold by a parent who did not need it anymore.  It could’ve also been boosted and sold through a fence associated with organized retail crime (ORC).  By studying when the baby formula is put on sale, it is easy to identify ads associated with WIC fraud.  The benefits are loaded onto the card at the first of each month.


baby formula ads sold by day of month on Craigslist.  The trend line clearly shows increase on 1st day of the monthIt is clear that with a 25% increase in baby formula ads posted in the first week of the month, some of the WIC benefits are being trafficked right after someone receives them.

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