Harmari Search for Craigslist v2.2 released

LTAS is happy to announce a new version of Harmari Search for Craigslist v2.2 was released.  Here’s what’s new with this release:

  • The For Sale section now includes By Dealer ads
  • Alerts feature which sets up email notification for new ads matching search criteria
  • Select All checkboxes for categories, regions, and date range which allow you to search the whole country
  • Search suggestions for no results found “search singular watch instead of watches”
  • Search suggestions for no results found “search metro area instead of just suburb”
  • Bug fix where some VINs located in the metadata were not found in a VIN search
  • Bug fix where exporting to PDF did not export Harmari Gallery pictures
  • Bug fix for selecting Honda under Make/Model/Year search
  • Bug fix where copy/pasting some posting IDs into Keywords box forced user to People tab
  • Enabled 7-digit phone number search bounded by a state
  • various fixes associated with ‘no results found’ customer searches
  • Bug fix where duplicate credits were counted users clicks on Harmari Gallery more than once on the same ad