Online Tax Discovery Post-Wayfair

Now that the decision to tax out-of-state online retailers has been made in South Dakota v Wayfair, state revenue agencies can relax and wait for the money to roll in!

Not so fast, what about all those small businesses?  Sure, it’s easy enough to knock on Amazon’s door and ask them to collect the tax on all orders they fulfill directly, but what about the Marketplace?  Amazon has not taken responsibility for all those merchants that are selling on their marketplace which all have to be brought up to compliance, with the exception of 3 states.  Furthermore, there’s more than Amazon out there regarding e-commerce and direct to consumers sales.

Harmari can help with detecting small to medium-sized businesses that are selling significant amounts of goods into your state.  Allow Harmari to find these e-commerce sites, prioritize them through its Taxcrawler product and focus your discovery efforts to maximize value.  Contact Us