Estimated Total AirBnB Host Revenues by City

Popular short term rental booking websites like AirBnB have demonstrated that the internet can be a lucrative marketplace that tax and revenue must heed.  In fact, the $25 Billion valuation should be further evidence of the value of a grey-market for tax called the Sharing Economy.  Tax Discovery departments for the state, city and county should be analyzing the highest-earning Hosts on AirBnB to identify potential un-registered owner/operators of vacation rentals.  Furthermore, some of the Hosts may be claiming homestead exemption on their property even while renting it out.  Harmari TaxCrawler was applied to the website to estimate how much revenue each of the major US touristic cities brought into the Hosts of AirBnB properties.

The revenues calculated were a product of

  • the number of reviews on the property
  • the price per night
  • minimum number of nights

The revenues are likely much higher because some AirBnB guests stay longer than the minimum number of nights, and not all AirBnB guests write a review for each stay.  Therefore, the actual figures can be at least double the figures shown below:

City State Properties Estimated Sales
Anaheim California 1060 $4,004,680
Asheville North Carolina 1012 $3,823,336
Atlanta Georgia 1233 $4,658,274
Bethesda Maryland 1504 $5,682,112
Boise Idaho 190 $717,820
Burlington Vermont 545 $2,059,010
Charleston West Virginia 39 $147,342
Chicago Illinois 4601 $17,382,578
Gulf Shores Alabama 400 $1,511,200
Houston Texas 1187 $4,484,486
Jersey City New Jersey 1142 $4,314,476
Kansas City Missouri 326 $1,231,628
Las Vegas Nevada 834 $3,150,852
Little Rock Arkansas 54 $204,012
Los Angeles California 12341 $46,624,298
Louisville Kentucky 652 $2,463,256
Milwaukee Wisconsin 37 $139,786
Minneapolis Minnesota 389 $1,469,642
New Haven Connecticut 188 $710,264
New Orleans Louisiana 2683 $14,500,000
New York City New York 16242 $61,000,000
Omaha Nebraska 454 $1,715,212
Orlando Florida 1044 $3,944,232
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 2963 $7,000,000
Phoenix Arizona 1293 $4,884,954
Portland Oregon 1871 $7,068,638
Providence Rhode Island 740 $2,795,720
Salt Lake City Utah 1106 $4,178,468
Santa Fe New Mexico 589 $2,225,242
Seattle Washington 2942 $13,400,000


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