LTAS Celebrates 4 years – Thank you customers

Hooray!  LTAS Technologies is celebrating 4 years of providing quality investigative tools to help fight fraud and criminal activity online.  We have worked with over 130 customers in 7 different countries around the world!

We thank all our customers and if you were wondering what customers we have, below is a breakdown of their industry sectors:

  • 46 Police and Sheriff’s Departments (via RAPID)
  • 16 insurance companies / SIU departments
  • 9 state / provincial motor vehicle (DMV/DOT) Enforcement Units
  • 5 state and municipal tax and revenue agencies
  • 8 Retail LP / AP / Corp. Security departments
  • 3 State benefits / health-care programs (via a fraud-detection reseller)
  • 2 state / provincial contractor licensing boards
  • 9 International and Federal agencies
  • 12 Law Firms
  • 25 Private Investigators / Internal Fraud Investigators

Customer referrals have been our key, so if you have been using our tools please pass on the good word to others in your industry.

If you have been considering using any of our data-mining or investigative products, please contact us to find out more information.

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