Citizens benefit from a Homestead Exemption on ad valorem property tax when it truly represents where the homeowners are their primary residence. Property Appraisers and Assessors are challenged because changes in family circumstances may cause Homesteads to be invalidated and thus a loss of potential ad valorem property tax earnings. Harmari provides a Homestead Exemption Analysis service as a turnkey solution to both research, identify opportunities for both removal and inclusion of homestead, and carry out the changes with a call center to answer taxpayer questions. Furthermore, Appraisers and Assessors can leverage our STR solution to find calendar / booking data on properties that may also be marked as Homestead Exempt, to catch so-called double-dipping.

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Homestead Exemption Analysis

World-class technology combined with subject- matter expertise gives our clients the Harmari HEMA edge. In a critical first step, we cleanse and standardize each client’s data. Then, we process those files using an automated algorithm developed and fine-tuned over years of tax-discovery experience. Each principal-residence claim is examined in depth, highlighting instances where the data suggests a residential owner is deceased, does not primarily reside at the property, or has claimed multiple primary residences. We mine unparalleled, nationwide public and private information sources maintained by our partner TransUnion®. Harmari HEMA tools can easily be customized and aimed at other primary residence determinations according to client’s requirements and business rules.

Harmari HEMA partners with TransUnion® to ensure access to premier external data sources. TransUnion’s TLOxp® is updated daily and recognized as the tool to rely on for verifying identities and obtaining address and asset information. Take advantage of our optimal add-ons to “right-size” your homestead and principal residence cleanup efforts: Harmari HEMA provides customizable solutions, based on each client’s resources and needs.

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