Automatic License Validation for Classified Ads

Harmari Engine handles license checking services efficiently and accurately for your organization.  It’s a real time-saver when considering it can take up to 8 hours of manual labour just to check 100 licensees advertising in an online classified.  The Harmari Contractor Report provides you with a column colour-coded for easy recognition of whether an ad passed a license check.

  • PASS – LICENSE # matches phone number or business name of posting
  • MISMATCH – LICENSE # does not match the phone number or business name of posting
  • MARGINAL – posting claims “licensed” service, but provides no LICENSE # and there is no LICENSE # on record for the phone number or business name
  • FAIL – no mention of licensing at all in the ad, or declared as “unlicensed”

The Harmari Engine is actually using a proprietary algorithm that cross-checks several fields between the database of licensees and the classified ads.  What’s better: the ads that failed license check are sorted to the top of the report, ensuring the high priority items are at the top of the list.  Here is a sample screenshot of such a report: