VIN analysis


Recently, several requests have come in regarding what we can do regarding VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers). The Harmari Engine now supports VIN extraction. It will share the same column as the License Plate in the report. Both of those little nuggets of information are not mandatory in Craigslist car ads, but nevertheless are extracted in the Harmari Reports when available.

Report with the VIN in the Craigslist Ad

The percentage of car ads that contain VINs will vary widely depending on whether the information is mandatory to post an ad on a classifieds website. Below is an incomplete list of such websites. It is possible to trace some of these vehicles to identify the following signs of fraud:

  • match on impound records, salvage title records
  • match on liens against vehicles
  • match on active or inactive theft records
Classified Mandatory Region Percentage
Craigslist No USA 0.42% (7091/1.7M) No USA 0.498% (3/602) No USA 27.0% (31/115) Yes USA 100% (577 ads) Yes USA 100% (26 ads) Yes USA 100% (50 ads)