Revenue enhancement using Harmari TaxCrawler

The phrase “revenue enhancement” is used by municipalities to describe the process of auditing existing businesses to find potential tax liabilities and collect on them.  Some part of the phrase also implies looking for businesses that are not filing their business taxes to the municipality at all, yet still conducting business within the city.  This is also known as “tax discovery” at the state level.

Some companies offer revenue enhancement as a package deal which includes discovery, audit, and tax collection.  LTAS Technologies focuses on delivering the most effective, automated discovery tool out there – Tax Crawler, which reduces the tremendous manual effort involved with traditional revenue enhancement processes at the onset of such a project.  Tax Crawler will extract all data sources systematically, prioritize them to only focus on the top 10% of possible leads, and then hands it off to an auditor for follow up.  Follow up and collection is deferred to those experts who can interact with their constituents the best: City-hired collections staff that have a vested interest in the community.

Tax Crawler is absolutely critical to addressing the new Internet-based e-commerce age.  No longer will instigators browse through the phone book for unregistered businesses.  Contact us today toll-free at 1-877-352-3277 to discuss your revenue enhancement needs with us.