Better background checks and better qualified tax leads

Identifying what is a growing or sustainable business and distinguishing it from a garage sale can be difficult. That is why we developed algorithms to identify significant business presence to generate the Harmari TaxCrawler report. The test is applied to each lead based on the following factors for a business:

  1. whether it generates at or above a certain $ value of sales each year
  2. whether it is posting online at a certain frequency per week, month, or year
  3. whether it has a website, social media page or online storefront representing that business

This approach has led the TaxCrawler report to covering all the bases when it comes to online advertising.

Secondly, with the advent of geo-tags on classifieds, the report also includes those geo-tags to help establish whether the business has a situs (or nexus) with your locality.  It also gives directions to your investigators to visit that place of business to ensure business licensure compliance.  The screenshot below shows some of the enhancements discussed here.

enhanced business presence and address check for tax compliance