Auto Ad Sentry launch results: Phone and SMS

The Auto Ad Sentry has been in action for one week for our launch customer that regulates motor vehicle dealers. Over 300 SMS text messages and nearly 300 phone calls were placed to unlicensed motor vehicle dealers with some great results for raising awareness.

  • 86% of phone calls stayed on long enough to hear the entire warning message
  • 30% of phone numbers that were called responded back
  • 33% of phone numbers that were sent SMSs responded back
  • 30 calls were made to the registration desk for how to obtain a license
  • 41 calls were made to the complaints department resulting in opportunities to educate dealers about the laws and enforcement actions

Below is a chart showing overall Outbound calls and SMSs (sent by Ad Sentry to the unlicensed business), coupled with Inbound responses (sent by the unlicensed business to Ad Sentry).  Notice that total Inbound calls were 70% of  the outbound calls, indicating that the unlicensed businesses wanted to know who called, despite the fact that it was a “robot voice”.  Some phone numbers called back more than once, and some phone numbers could not be identified due to blocked Caller Id.

In this next figure is a breakdown of day to day outbound and inbound activity.  Auto Ad Sentry can be configured to dial or SMS as frequently as is desired, but an even coverage of calls ensures that the reception and call center for your organization does not get bombarded with complaints.  Furthermore, notice that Auto Ad Sentry also works weekends!

In this final figure below, a histogram of call durations outbound for the calls made in the week.  The initial warning message from the regulator was 45 seconds, which repeats itself 3 times.  Between each greeting, there is a 10 second pause.  Out of 295 outbound calls placed, 267 were picked up by the recipient.  Of the 267 total outbound calls picked up, 230 recipients heard the full warning message (86%).  The Auto Ad Sentry was effective at delivering the message to unlicensed businesses, and it can for your organization as well.

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