Rideshare Compliance

The City of Toronto estimates 90,000 Uber X drivers currently operate in Toronto[1], which is a significant number of drivers not including limousine and traditional taxicabs.  According to the white paper, Private Transportation Companies (PTCs) also known as Transportation Network Carriers (TNCs) downtown make up 5-8% of Toronto’s traffic[2].  PTCs provide a useful alternative to…mm

Harmari Search v2.5 released

Today Harmari Search v2.5 has been successfully released, including the following changes A single place to search all Craigslist, and AutoTrader* without having to open up new tabs and re-enter data Now allows searching by name and item at the same time (e.g. People named Joe selling a 2010 Dodge Charger in Chicago) Detect duplicate…mm

Curbfinder Reports now feature Automated License Plate Recognition

The latest development from our R&D labs is the Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) module built into the Harmari System.  With the revolutionary module, the task of detecting curbstoners in online classifieds becomes significantly more effective. Instead of having to go through clicking on the link to each car for sale, and then manually reading…mm