End Game


You're in ENDGAME when:

  • 70%-100% Compliance
  • Field Investigation Required
  • Most Taxes are Collected
  • Tweaking Ordinance as Necessary
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Cross Checker

When most of the listings are licensed as in Endgame, our proprietary cross checker eliminates all the licensed listings and helps you focus on the listings most likely to be unregistered STRs. This saves you time instead of tediously going through your “mostly licensed” list manually.

Interactive Mobile Field Tool

Field investigations require covering the most territory on a shift that you can. Plot your inspection route, upload evidence through your mobile device in real time and file it with your case history report for non-compliance. Throw your notepad away and just use Harmari’s mobile-ready interface!

Calendar Based Revenue Estimation

Once most of your listings are registered, you can dig up under-reporters by comparing the calendar booked days in Harmari with their monthly tax filing. Great for audit selection!

Client Service

Our client support team takes you through the difficult ENDGAME stage with all your questions answered. We update you with all the necessary information in a timely manner. You can count on Harmari for excellent communication and great service.

Ask us about our accuracy guarantee rate!