Many municipalities struggle with short term rental regulation. Harmari STR helps municipal leaders to Establish, Enforce and win the Endgame of Short Term Rental issues to help strike the balance between hospitality and community.


Initiate a Program (0-30% Compliance)
    To Maximize Voluntary Compliance, we offer
  • FREE 1-Hour Consultation
  • Ordinance Drafting Assistance
  • Preliminary Monitoring and Identification
  • Registration and Payment Portal
  • 24/7 Complaint Hotline


Ramp Up Compliance (30-70% Compliance)
    For Systematic, Evidence-Based Compliance, we offer
  • Identification of Address and Owner/Operator
  • Upfront Supporting Evidence
  • Phone and Mail Outreach
  • 24/7 Complaint Hotline
  • Exceptional Client Support


Targeted Investigation (70-100% Compliance)
    To Maximize ROI and Compliance, we offer
  • Cross Checking / Filtering Remaining Non-Licensed
  • Calendar Based Revenue Estimation
  • Mobile-Enabled Field Tools
  • Under-Reporting of Lodging Tax
  • Exceptional Client Support

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Maintain your Community Character with:

  • 24/7 Live Inbound and Outbound Nuisance Hotline and Tip-page
  • Online Permit Registration for fast review/approval
  • Insights module to catch party houses, over-crowding, COVID spreading
  • Primary Residence Verification to catch absentee hosts
  • Integration with citation / ticket and adjudication services

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amazing facts

185000Customer STRs Monitored
350Average ROI (%)
15364Unlicensed STR's found
83Satisfied Clients

Collect More Lodging Tax:

  • Easy tax payment remittance via ACH/debit/credit/check
  • Reports on delinquency, analytics, audit selection
  • Fight off-platform booking and other tax leakage using our national calendar block archive
  • Integration with G/L and other book-keeping packages

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Real customer stories on what attracts people to their city, on where they were in their compliance program and how Harmari helped them achieve the next level. Click the logos to learn more.

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Better collaboration tools for your team

  • Edit mode for easy corrections
  • Add Compliance Notes for other departments to see
  • Case Management Solution to prevent repeat leads from being reported
  • Notifications of updates and changes to STR listings of interest
  • Add trends and new ideas into the Insights module to track
  • Filters for Dynamic reporting or choose from 10 canned reports


Our white paper discusses the Harmari approach to solving all problems related to Short Term Rentals.

Harmari is always innovating and creating new features for a better client experience. Check out our software release page for an outline of our latest features.

Real customer stories explaining what attracted people to their cities, where they were in their compliance journey and how Harmari helped them achieve the next level.

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Harmari STR helps government ensure online marketplace activities follow applicable laws and rules by finding court-defensible evidence.

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