• Allen Atamer

    Founder, CEO and Principal Engineer

    Allen did his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto and graduated from MIT with a Master’s Degree in Aeronautics/Astronautics.  Having spent the past 18 years working on software engineering, artificial intelligence, and text mining, he is able to apply his experience in building LTAS Technologies.  He has 2 patents involving artificial intelligence and guided aircraft diagnostics.

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    Allen founded LTAS Technologies in 2011 to make an impact on how the Internet is regulated and kept safe for everyone. The Harmari tool suite is today used by hundreds of customers in state and law enforcement, municipal government, insurance, retail loss prevention, and law enforcement. The Harmari STR product is focused on ensuring municipalities balance the needs of the tourism industry with those of residential neighborhoods. He is committed to making Harmari STR a worldwide brand name in the compliance industry.

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  • Ron Chan

    Account Manager

    Ron graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also has an Associate of Arts Degree from Douglas College. Over the last 15 years he has worked in several different sectors including E-Commerce, Fraud Investigations, Insurance, and Retail. Ron previously worked at eBay as a Fraud Community Support Representative and at Toys R Us as a Product Safety Coordinator. Ron has gained significant experience with vendor management, procurement, budgeting, and cost controls, which greatly assists the company with bid response and customer relationships.

  • Jennifer Guan

    QA Team Lead

    Jennifer graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in Statistical Science. She has worked at the Bank of Montreal front desk and as a Teaching Assistant at A&A Daycare. Jennifer has strong organizational skills, is detail-oriented, and has demonstrated exceptional skills with STR identification and investigation. She has helped design the best practices and training guides used by our team of Junior Analysts.

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    As our Research Analyst, Jennifer researches accurate analytical data related to Short Term Rental activity. She works closely with Harmari accounts and clients to assure the project reporting is accurate and customer expectations are met. In addition, Jennifer makes sure that the STR quality objectives are met on time and on budget.

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  • Tom Lee

    Product Architect

    Tom Lee graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s in Math and Computer Science and from the University of Toronto with a PhD in Computer Science.  He has a background in both artificial intelligence and software engineering and has previously worked at Oculus Info (now Uncharted Software) and SideFX.   At Harmari STR, he is applying innovative research to core STR products such as identification, de-duplication, and search.

  • Atlantida Sanchez

    Lead Software Developer

    Atlantida graduated with a Bachelors of Computer Science from the University of Puebla, and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics in Puebla, Mexico.  Atlantida has strong experience in business analysis, software development and R&D subject matter with computer vision.  She leads the production development of Harmari STR.