Batch Short Term Rental Identification Tools

The Harmari STR trained research analyst are not only recruited directly and not crowd-sourced, they have an unfair advantage over our competitors: batch identification tools.  The basic principle of batch editing is that it allows us to go through individual advertisements much faster.  For example, in some jurisdictions, up to 50% of the listings are duplicated; not only within platform but between platform.   Anything not caught by our patent-pending automated de-duplication algorithm will automatically have a secondary review by human analysts who will categorize duplicates in the following manner:

  1. Listings that are renting out the exact same house/condo
  2. Listings renting out different bedrooms in the same house/condo, or an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU) on the same property
  3. Listings renting out different condo units in the same building

Further to the de-duplication, batch editing helps efficiently group the following:

  1. Out of jurisdiction based on municipal boundary or zoning code
  2. Exempt from enforcement (due to minimum nights, or commercial zoning)
  3. Obsolete identification (due to change of ownership of the property)
  4. Presumed licensed (based on displayed number matching key indicators in customer’s registry)
  5. Address Identified (for multiple condo units in the same building)

Batch mode also includes Add Compliance notes to allow enforcement actions to be documented across multiple listings at the same time.  For example, if an STR host is reusing a registration number for multiple buildings and that is not allowed per ordinance, or if an STR host is pirating / copying the registration number of a legitimate STR host, the analyst shall batch mark those listings as “SUSPECT – NON-COMPLIANT” and focus more efforts to root out the culprit.

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Comparison View is also another key feature that helps us efficiently and quickly identify listings that are in the same building or from the same property.  Through the use of our patent-pending AI, images are classified by their typical scene type, categorized to be indoor or outdoor, and then efficiently matched against other images.  Instead of hand picking left and right, it can match thousands or millions of other online images.

Why do these tools matter, if all you want is accurate identification?  These tools are also available to you, the customer.  We offer a training program, a Help Guide, tutorial videos and more!

Contact us to learn more about how our Batch Identification Tools can assist your Short Term Rental Compliance program.

Batch Short Term Rental Identification Tools
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