Enforce Compliance


You're in ENFORCE stage when:

  • 30%-70% Compliance
  • Inquiries on License Process
  • Some Tax Collection
  • Established Ordinance
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Information found on listings is simply not enough to determine the necessary parties and location of a short term rental. Harmari’s team of trained analysts take your compliance data to the next level by providing court defensible evidence through deep searching and intuitive cross referencing of land registry, public records, maps and social medias. Harmari has an efficient quality assurance system in place that allows for listings to be human-verified upto 3 times. We also guarantee 95% accuracy for all houses and 75% accuracy for condos.

Phone and Mail Outreach

Our Customer Service team initiates two outreach programs: Phone and Direct Mail. We only reach out to owners and operators of short term rentals after we have completed a full identification and have court defensible evidence. Choose one of our several outreach program plans or fully customize your own. Find out how Harmari creates an effective outreach plan to meet your needs today!

24/7 Complaint Hotline

Save up to 50% of your valuable police resources with Harmari’s 24/7 complaint hotline. Our trained staff handle calls, texts and messages from private citizens in your jurisdiction with complaints regarding noise, garbage, parking or safety. We call the STR property manager to take action and resolve the issue. If unresolved, they are escalated to code enforcement or police.

Client Support

Our client support team takes you through the difficult ENFORCE stage with all your questions answered. We update you with all the necessary information in a timely manner. You can count on Harmari for excellent communication and great service.

Ask us about our accuracy guarantee rate!