Our Clients

Here are some success stories of how our customers have benefited from Harmari STR in their compliance program

  • Sonoma County, California

    Tourism Drives: Sonoma County is famous for its wine country, and outdoors activities on the Russian River.

    Before Harmari: Sonoma County had 1187 permits and 2471 TOT (transient occupancy tax) accounts

    How Harmari Helped: As of August 2018 report, Harmari STR found 800 unlicensed STRs, which resulted in an increase in permit to 1614 (36%), and an increase of TOT remitters by 3%. Sonoma County also moved to the ENDGAME stage.

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Tourism Drives: Beautiful pristene beaches and luxurious European canal waterway properties makes it an ideal Florida destination. Furthermore with very clear rules about STRs, many operators are happy to work in that framework.

    Before Harmari: Over 4000 listings advertised online within the City, and Fort Lauderdale’s STR program had about 950 licensed STRs. With duplicates removed, it was at about 30% compliance.

    How Harmari Helped: After an initial scan and identification, about 100 non-registered STRs were presented to the City with full supporting evidence. Also, Harmari has presented a customized region- and HOA-specific zoning dashboard and report generation.

  • Deerfield Beach, Florida

    Tourism Drives: Deerfield Beach is named for the deer that once roamed the area.  Today it is a sunny destination with a population of about 80,000

    Before Harmari:  a new ordinance passed requiring a permit for all STRs, The City chose Harmari to identify and monitor their website.

    How Harmari Helped: Harmari identified 532 STR listings and assisted the City to bring their license count to 65 licensees.  About 70 STR operators have been escalated to further enforcement measures, with possible appearance before Magistrate.

  • Traverse City, Michigan

    Tourism Drives: Traverse City is known for its downtown, golf, outdoor activities, and beautiful shoreline on Lake Michigan.

    Before Harmari: The City had about 300 active STR listings in its limits, and a new ordinance passed requiring registration of STR regardless of its zoning.

    How Harmari Helped: Harmari identified 297 listings, resulting in 4 letters and 1 citation issued to non-registered STRs.  The City also discovered STRs were used for hospital outpatient stays and is pursuing an amendment to their code.

  • Ventura, California

    Tourism Drives: Ventura is famous for its beaches and surfing.

    Before Harmari: Ventura had 112 permitted STRs.

    How Harmari Helped: Harmari STR found 50 unlicensed STRs out of 337 detected STR listings and sent letters out to bring those listings into compliance. Ventura was in the ENFORCE stage.

  • Breckenridge, Colorado

    Tourism Drives: Breckenridge is a big, well-known ski town which has successfully managed to keep its home-town feeling.

    Before Harmari: Thanks to years of effort by the Finance department, Breckenridge has independently obtained over 3700 active STR licensees remitting lodging tax to the Town. Breckenridge was clearly ENDGAME.

    How Harmari Helped: Even under these difficult and challenging circumstances, Harmari STR successfully mined 129 Unregistered STRs compared to only 20 found by competitor.  Many of these listings were lodges and condos, which proves the expertise Harmari STR has with dense urban areas.

  • Seward, Alaska

    Tourism Drives: The City of Seward is a port City named after the mastermind of the Alaskan Purchase.  It is an outdoor activity draw, which features the Mount Marathon Race each year drawing thousands to the City.

    Before Harmari: Seward had 113 licensed STRs, which puts them in the ENFORCE stage.

    How Harmari Helped: Harmari STR has successfully found 120 unregistered STRs out of 230 total listings in the City, including many home-made independent websites “off the grid”. Seward is now in the ENDGAME stage.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Tourism Drives: Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of the oldest Cities in North America, originally settled in 1607.  Santa Fe is known for its over 250 art galleries, museums, and world-class cuisine.

    Before Harmari: Santa Fe was in the ENFORCE stage with 550 Licensed STRs.

    How Harmari Helped: Harmari STR successfully identified unregistered listings for Santa Fe, resulting in 150 new licenses, a 22% increase. This moved Santa Fe to the ENDGAME stage.

  • Salem, Massachusetts

    Tourism Drives: Salem is a city on the north coast of Massachusetts above Boston. It’s famous for its 1692 witch trials. It is a tourist attraction close to Hallowe’en where over 500,000 visitors flock

    Before Harmari: Salem just passed their ordinance with no registration system in place, and an outdated paper-based Certificate of Fitness inspection form. With Hallowe’en around the corner, they needed a comprehensive solution.

    How Harmari Helped: Harmari’s user- and mobile-friendly registration portal assisted 25 STR operators to register. Furthermore, Harmari modernized their Certificate of Fitness inspection process from paper-based to fully electronic.