Harmari Short Term Rental Compliance

Help Guide Last Updated November 1, 2021. Contents Getting Started Harmari’s web portal is optimally accessed with the following Browser/OS configurations Chrome or Firefox on Windows 10 Chrome, Safari or Firefox on Mac OS Chrome, Opera or Firefox on Linux The Windows 10 default browser is Edge, and Windows 7 default browser is Internet Explorer

Revenues Overview

The revenue module contains a summary at the top along with revenues by listing, revenues by owner and time series model features. Revenues Summary At the top the revenue summary includes a year-by-year breakdown along with website breakdown, tax and overall total. Revenues By Listing and Revenues by Owner Below the summary, a table of

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (last updated December 14, 2019) At LTAS Technologies (the creators of Harmari), your privacy is important to us.  We are compliant with privacy laws around the world including GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA and MFIPPA.  Here’s what we did to comply with these laws. Protecting your privacy No advertising appears on Harmari search results When