Announcing Harmari STR version 11.2

Harmari is proud to announce the release of Harmari STR version 11.2.  Notable features include the following:

  • Simple Mailout report for input to mail merge
  • Unified fitness inspection and registration approval workflow
  • Added Harmari Registration Approval Notification
  • Translation of STR Permitting portal to Spanish and French
  • Case History print to PDF for court-defense purposes
  • Tracking Review Stay Days Across Multiple Websites for Same Operator
  • Track STR operator logo for uniqueness
  • Percent Compliance score displayed on top of portal
  • enabled Keyword search for owner names, license numbers, URLs
  • consolidate new room types in Dashboard
  • Compliance button popup while in edit mode
  • bug fix for property search in IE11 browser
  • Better user role definition across 6 different roles and 15 different modules
  • added in-line Upload of Supporting Evidence for field investigations
  • added “Helper Name” to STR operator information

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Announcing Harmari STR version 11.2
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