Odometer fraud case law – Ohio

Harmari Search was again critical in evidence presented in court related to odometer tampering in Montgomery County, Ohio. The victim reported purchasing a vehicle for $2300 which the seller claimed had 140,000 miles on it, but in fact had been rolled back from 180,000 due to service records obtained by the victim.  The vehicle was originally listed on Craigslist and that’s where the victim found the seller.  After further investigation using Harmari Search archives on Craigslist, Ohio BMV investigators found 80 other vehicles tied to the seller.  The seller pled guilty to 2 counts of Tampering with Odometer (F5), 2 counts of Tampering with Records (F3), and 2 counts of Written Notice of Tampering or Non Function.

Case # 2017 CR 00386 can be found at http://www.clerk.co.montgomery.oh.us/pro/ .

Download summary from Ohio BMV below.

Harmari Search – Ohio BMV case – 2017 CR 00386