Excite others with our Refer-a-friend promotion

refer a friendLTAS is offering for a limited time a Refer-a-friend promotion.  If a fellow investigator that you refer purchases WIST or Harmari Search credits, then you’ll be eligible for 5 free credits on the product of your choice.

Referring a friend is easy!  Just follow the steps below:

  1. Get your friend to watch some of our demonstration videos
  2. Your friend must get to the Register page, and call our toll-free number to obtain the credentailing passcode
  3. Your friend can fill in the Referral field with your name
  4. Your friend must purchase some credits from our Purchase page
  5. Presto, you get 5 free credits!  Give us 24 hours to add them

Refer as many friends as you wish!  It’s good for you, your friend, us, everyone except the bad guys!