Q: How much data is available on Harmari™ Search for Craigslist?

A: Over 1 million ads are posted on Craigslist daily. Below are some estimates for how far back data is stored:

A. For more information go this blog post.Click Here

Q: Which categories have archived images and how far back does it go?

A: Harmari Gallery stores pictures from Boats, Cars+Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Motorcycles, Auto Parts, RV+Camp, Motorcycle Parts, ATV/UTV/Snowmobile categories. The Gallery stored most images from November and Decemeber 2014, none from January 2015, some images from February 2015, and all images after March 1, 2015. Jewerly images were stored starting from the middle of August 2015. Dealer Ad images are stored starting from July 2015

Q: How much does Harmari Search cost?

A: Pricing is based on a Pay-per-search credit system or on an unlimited plan per user. You may purchase credits for immediate use.

Q: Do you have a volume discount for my organization?

A: Yes, unlimited search monthly pricing is available. Please inquire by email via info@harmari.com. We also support Enterprise customers with more features.

Q: What is a Hot Sheet?

A: Hot Sheet is a list of items that were stolen, and Harmari Hot Sheet helps identify the same seller posting multiple stolen items on Craigslist.
You can find more information here: link

Q: What is a Top 10?

A: Top 10 is a report emailed automatically daily, weekly, or monthly that lists ads grouped by seller sorted by highest total dollar value, or by highest number of ads descending. It can be set up to report the top sellers matching particular brand products, gift cards, or item categories.
You can find more information here: link

Q: What is the Alerts Feature?

A: New listings by specific phone numbers can be tracked. You will receive an email when this happens.

Q: How do you turn off the Alerts Pop Up?

A: In the Alerts Pop Up window, select the "Do Not Show Anymore" box. If you would like to see the Alerts Pop Up again, uncheck the "Do Not Show Anymore" box.

Q: What is the Clone Feature?

A: Pressing the clone button will open another tab/window. This will allow you to make changes to the search parameter without losing your original configuration.

Q: Can you explain the purpose of the Search box under the Other Ads column?

A: Click here for more information: Link

Q: When I search by Posting ID, do I have to select a Category, Location, and Date Range?

A: No, because the posting ID is either there or not regardless of the other parameters

Q: Can you search for items in Multiple States and Multiple Cities at the same time?

A: Yes

Q: When a search returns no results, will I be charged a credit?

A: No

Q: After I select Show Harmari Gallery, how long will the pictures be available?

A: 24 hours. If you delete your cookies during the 24 period, you will be charged another credit to obtain the pictures. It is important to save the pictures/PDF File.

Q: How do I get the Harmari Galley pictures to show up inside the PDF File of the listing?

A: You need to select Show Harmari Gallery first.

Q: If a user posts an ad and deletes it the same day, will Harmari capture the ad?

A: Harmari checks Craigslist every 24 hours. Ads created and deleted the same day would likely not be saved.

Q: When using Bulk Search, how many Phone Numbers, Names, and Emails can I put in each box?

A: You can put up to 100 in each box

Q: When I put a phone number, a name and an email into People search at the same time, what is Harmari going to return?

A: Harmari will combine the search and look for ANY matching ads, essentially putting an “OR” operator between each criteria the user enters.

Q: I am using Harmari Search and I get results, but when I click on View to open the ad, I see a blank page with nothing on it.

A: If you are using Internet Explorer 8.0, make sure your browser is set to enable "mixed mode" content. See this page

Q: Who is authorized to use Harmari Search for Craigslist?

A: The following types of users are permitted:

Q: Why is Harmari Search for Craigslist only open to investigators?

A: Whether it is law enforcement, fraud, private detectives, industry or professional regulators, they are mandated to keeping the world a safer place. Users who register on harmari.com as users must provide identification and credentials to validate their identity. LTAS Technologies takes every step to ensure its tools are being used for the right purpose and credentialing is one of the steps taken.

Q: Why are only the US and Canada listed in the Country selection?

A: Other classifieds websites are more popular in other parts of the world, and we could potentially offer those websites in the future

Q: Are there similar websites to look up old eBay auctions or other old classifieds?

A: LTAS Technologies is planning to offer similar Harmari Search capabilities to the investigative community. Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list for news and announcements.

You can subscribe to our mailing list to receive announcements new product updates.

Q: Can I check if my stolen property is being fenced on Craigslist?

A: No but you can file a stolen property report with your local police department. Then you can mention there's a neat tool to find both new and old Craigslist ads to them to make their jobs easier. If you found someone advertising your stolen property, for your personal safety DO NOT ARRANGE A BUYBACK OR GO VIGILANTE. It's the police's job to enforce the law.

Q: What are my options for non-investigative Craigslist searches?

A: For multi-region Craigslist search, it's really easy. If you're looking for antique art deco lamps anywhere on Craigslist, go to Google and type "art deco lamps site:craigslist.org". You'll immediately get bombarded by all the art deco lamps you could possibly read. If you want more targeted regional results, go to SearchTempest.com. If you have previously visited the Craigslist ad and it's now gone, check your browser's cache or Temporary Internet Files folder to see if it could be there.

Q: Is Harmari Search for Craigslist affiliated with Craigslist?

A: No it is not.

Q: I have a civil dispute with a seller that I met on Craigslist. Can you provide me information?

A: No but you can retain a lawyer or a licensed private investigator to contact us and do the search for you.

Q: I am looking for an old Craigslist ad where I'm trying to get in touch with the seller again.

A: If you got scammed by someone advertising on Craigslist, it's best to report it to the proper authorities. Here are some examples:

You can also report the dispute to the Better Business Bureau if the seller claimed to be representing a business.