Announcing Harmari STR version 10.8

Harmari is pleased to announce a new release of Harmari STR version 10.8. The features include the following:

  • Manual tax entry and cash payment page for City
  • Import file for multiple STR registrations and tax payments
  • Estimated revenue data for past 3 years – added
  • Better reporting and oversight of Compliance Analysts
  • More systematic and faster data collection of listing
  • Mapper not showing proper number of pegs – bug fix
  • Display Exact or Approximate Address in case history for street address
  • Case history must handle large image sizes of supporting evidence – fix
  • Improvements to the STR registration address lookup
  • Analyst QA checklist online – added
  • Allow custom ordering of images in supporting evidence – added
  • Export licensees and registrations – added
  • Copy to supporting evidence button – bug fix
  • City encodings from Excel file do not show up properly – fix
Announcing Harmari STR version 10.8
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