Harmari launches Registration and Payments module

Harmari STR compliance has revamped its registration form and tax & permit payment processing.  The registration form can include the basic information such as

  • STR address and property manager name
  • Owner name
  • 24-hour emergency contact
  • Condo/HOA adherence acknowledgement
  • Health and Safety Checklist
  • Electronic Signature
  • Mobile-friendly interface

Payment processing for licensing fees and lodging tax is also handled with PayPal or a payment provider of your choosing

  • penalties and interest automatically calculated based on filing period
  • custom look and feel for your city or county
  • parcel / address validation and auto-fill
  • fees broken out by line item
  • PCI-compliant payment through PayPal with competitive fees
  • System integration into any ERP or Finance package of your choosing

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Harmari launches Registration and Payments module
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