Harmari provides investigative tools and software to law enforcement, municipal government, insurance investigators and other agencies or investigative professionals with an investigative need (“Customers”). Harmari created this page to be compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act. You clicked this button because you were interested in not having your personal information sold. Harmari may collect personal information in a number of ways:

  1. you provide us your contact information because you wish to learn more about our company and service
  2. you operate or have recently operated a Short Term Rental / Vacation Rental in California, which may require business licensing and/or Transient Occupancy Tax collection obligations to our Customers
  3. you have placed online buy/sell marketplace advertising in a California location which includes your contact information publicly displayed

In Scenario 1, we do not sell personal information, and our email-based newsletters have an Unsubscribe feature

In Scenarios 2 and 3, we only “sell” the personal information to our Customers defined above, and in those situations, the data obtained was to comply with a legal obligation to our Customers.

If you are concerned that we have obtained your personal data without your consent, or are not properly complying with legal obligations to our Customers, please contact us at privacy@harmari.com .