Legislation and its impact on Use Tax today

The Marketplace Fairness Act is bi-partisan supported legislation recently introduced in Congress that attempts to close the major loophole allowing online retailers to avoid charging state tax on items purchased from out-of-state.  The only change required is for each state to simplify their tax laws in compliance with the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement.…mm

Purseblog: Top 5 states for avoiding sales and use taxes while online shopping

Not everybody is interested in PurseBlog, but as a state revenue department, it pays to heed what the market is saying.  The members of this blog on high-fashion apparel and accessories are highly educated about making online purchases from out of state for the sole purpose of avoiding the sales tax.  On the PurseForum, fashionistas…mm

Auto Ad Sentry reduces illegal online classified ads by 24%

Based on a recent study conducted in a major motor vehicle sales jurisdiction within North America, Auto Ad SentryTM reduced the presence of unlicensed motor vehicle dealers (curbstoners) in online classifieds websites by 24%. The study was carried out using data gleaned from a popular online classified from June through December 2012. Curbstoners were identified…mm

Auto Ad Sentry launch results: Phone and SMS

The Auto Ad Sentry has been in action for one week for our launch customer that regulates motor vehicle dealers. Over 300 SMS text messages and nearly 300 phone calls were placed to unlicensed motor vehicle dealers with some great results for raising awareness. 86% of phone calls stayed on long enough to hear the…mm

Email campaign for Craigslist ads increases licensees: A Case Study

The PDF in this article illustrates the point that a carefully orchestrated email campaign can be effective at raising awareness of licensing requirements for contractors at the state level.  Front and center of this case study based on Louisiana is the Harmari Contractor Report, and the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. Open Case Study…mm

Phone number reverse lookup now available

LTAS Technologies now provides phone number reverse lookup services to its customers.  By having a reverse lookup capability, LTAS can now close the loop on all background checks of online classifieds.  The reverse lookup searches on phone numbers, both land line and cellphone numbers, and if there is a match, can provide the full name…mm

Automatic License Validation for Classified Ads

Harmari Engine handles license checking services efficiently and accurately for your organization.  It’s a real time-saver when considering it can take up to 8 hours of manual labour just to check 100 licensees advertising in an online classified.  The Harmari Contractor Report provides you with a column colour-coded for easy recognition of whether an ad…mm

The 3 Most important things in Text Mining: Duplication, duplication, duplication

The classic adage of the 3 most important things in real estate: location, location, location, takes on new life in investigation on the Internet. Without controls on duplication, syndication, feeds, spam, plagiarism, re-tweet, and so on, the problem of information overload grows explosively in investigation. A systematic investigation requires elimination of redundancy and duplication, and…mm