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HarmariSTR provides our numerous condo clients withidentification reports of suspected STRs in their building. We have various custom plans and solutions to meet any requirements/needs you may have to eliminate these STRs.


With our proprietary technology, we are able to offer 24/7 monitoring of all short term rental listings within a 500meter radius of your building.This is important as many operators in condos understand that STRs are not permitted and put up and take down listings constantly to avoid consequences.


Our identification reports include the full name of the operator, the exact address including the suite number, and court defensible evidence all accessible anytime through your web portal account.

Specially Trained Analysts

Condos are significantly more difficult to identify than regular houses and larger properties. This is especially true in condo dense areas like Downtown Toronto and Manhattan. At Harmari STR, condo identifications are only completed by the most senior analysts with expert skills on finding exact floors and room numbers of your condo building.

Client Support

Our client support answers all your questions in a timely manner. We provide quick updates and provide reports on a monthly basis. You can count on Harmari for excellent communication and great service.

Ask us about our accuracy guarantee rate!