Using online tools for investigation can be optimized with the proper training.  Although a significant portion of my training classes do include the Tips and Tricks category of my blog, there’s a whole lot more training necessary.  Training classes are available both in-person in a classroom environment, or through a webinar-based distance learning environment when your trainees are in different field offices in your jurisdiction and travel costs are an issue.

A one-day intermediate level training class is offered which covers the following topics:

Online Investigations Technical Training

  • 45 min – classifieds Craigslist
  • 45 min – Social media – twitter, facebook, etc.
  • 45 min – link analysis (organized crime, fraud)
  • 45 min – identifying people, places, property
  • 45 min – mobile tools for investigation on the go
  • 45 min – advanced search engine queries
  • 45 min – Deep Web investigations
  • 15 min – take questions from audience / Bring Your Homework to Class

Ideally this can be held in a lab environment training facility with workstations for trainees.  Contact us today for more information.