Contractor Reporter targets unlicensed contractors and any business that is not operating without the proper licensing and registration. It is structured in such a way as to save significant time reviewing ads for compliance. It includes title, date posted, service areas, and URL. It also includes the License column, which is the result of two time-saving operations: extracting the license number from the ad (if available), and automatic cross-check of that license with a colour-coded result:

  1. PASS – LICENSE # matches phone number or business name of posting
  2. MISMATCH – LICENSE # does not match the phone number or business name of posting
  3. MARGINAL – posting claims “licensed” service, but provides no LICENSE # and there is no LICENSE # on record for the phone number or business name
  4. FAIL – no mention of licensing at all in the posting, or declared as “unlicensed”

The column Offline URL is the link to the posting stored on our servers offline, and is available even after the original ad on the classified is deleted.  This is especially useful if investigations take months or even years after the original crime takes place.

Below is a sample screenshot of the Contractor Report, click on it to get the full image: