WIST 1.4 Released – improved Unlock Friends List, Extract Timeline posts

Due to the frequent requests of our customers, we have completed two absolutely critical features for Web Identity Search Tool (WIST) for Facebook investigation. Unlock Friends List for 1 User Mutual match with 2 Facebook users has been around since WIST was created, but based on popular requests from our customers, we’ve added the ability…mm

Avoid obtaining an MLAT in your Facebook investigation

When law enforcement agencies are not located in the United States, it makes things extra difficult to obtain the valuable information in social media sites such as Facebook that are based there.  International law enforcement agencies must complete a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) which allows exchange of information for criminal or public laws.  MLATs…mm

Export someone’s facebook friends’ list using WIST

Investigators and law enforcement make social media a standard tactic to quickly enumerate associates, suspects and persons of interest by working from someone’s Facebook page.  Although a simple keyword search will yield many ways to export your own friends list out of Facebook, but few tools out there can extract someone else’s friends list in…mm

Will visiting someone’s Facebook page put you on their “People You May Know” List?

This question stifles many an investigator, and the official stance of Facebook is that it does not report to any Facebook user who’s visiting their Facebook page.  Furthermore, it also ensures that no third party Apps can do so either.  So the good news is no, your ex-girlfriend can’t see how many times you’re checking…mm

Using Internet Archive / Wayback Machine for investigations

Investigators have a common question: what if I could go back in time to see what a website looked like a year ago?  Or even 3 years ago?  What about a week ago?  The Internet Archive provides just such a capability.  Inspired by the fictional WABAC machine from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, which Professor…mm