Auto Ad Sentry launch results: Phone and SMS

The Auto Ad Sentry has been in action for one week for our launch customer that regulates motor vehicle dealers. Over 300 SMS text messages and nearly 300 phone calls were placed to unlicensed motor vehicle dealers with some great results for raising awareness. 86% of phone calls stayed on long enough to hear the…mm

Find Old Craigslist ads or eBay auction pages within browser

Have you ever clicked the link to a Craigslist ad of something you were previously looking at, only to find it was deleted, flagged, or an error message? Well, by taking advantage of “offline mode”, you can see its original contents, pictures and all! Update: Law enforcement, SIU, government, loss prevention, private investigators, and industry…mm

Craigslist Power Search released!

LTAS Technologies officially launched the new Craigslist Power Search tool; available by clicking on the bar menu at the top of this list, or by clicking! The new release has more powerful features designed to make investigative search more powerful and faster, including: Added 6 new categories to historic database Added keyword search and…mm

Phone number reverse lookup now available

LTAS Technologies now provides phone number reverse lookup services to its customers.  By having a reverse lookup capability, LTAS can now close the loop on all background checks of online classifieds.  The reverse lookup searches on phone numbers, both land line and cellphone numbers, and if there is a match, can provide the full name…mm

Automatic License Validation for Classified Ads

Harmari Engine handles license checking services efficiently and accurately for your organization.  It’s a real time-saver when considering it can take up to 8 hours of manual labour just to check 100 licensees advertising in an online classified.  The Harmari Contractor Report provides you with a column colour-coded for easy recognition of whether an ad…mm

VIN analysis

  Recently, several requests have come in regarding what we can do regarding VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers). The Harmari Engine now supports VIN extraction. It will share the same column as the License Plate in the report. Both of those little nuggets of information are not mandatory in Craigslist car ads, but nevertheless are extracted…mm

The 3 Most important things in Text Mining: Duplication, duplication, duplication

The classic adage of the 3 most important things in real estate: location, location, location, takes on new life in investigation on the Internet. Without controls on duplication, syndication, feeds, spam, plagiarism, re-tweet, and so on, the problem of information overload grows explosively in investigation. A systematic investigation requires elimination of redundancy and duplication, and…mm

Curbfinder Reports now feature Automated License Plate Recognition

The latest development from our R&D labs is the Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) module built into the Harmari System.  With the revolutionary module, the task of detecting curbstoners in online classifieds becomes significantly more effective. Instead of having to go through clicking on the link to each car for sale, and then manually reading…mm