Unlicensed Contractors

Many consumers are taken for a ride when a contractor provides a great quote, offers a “cash discount” and then takes off after the money is paid, only to leave the homeowner with substandard workmanship, or even a hazardous situation.  These contractors provide a great price because they work under the table, unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured and potentially untrained.  If you would like to monitor unlicensed home improvement contractors, unlicensed plumbers or unlicensed electricians, then the Harmari Contractor Reporter is the right tool for you.

Other Regulated Industries

If you are a tax collector, and would like a report of unlicensed cosmetologists, unlicensed barbers, or unlicensed real estate agents in your city, county, or state, then the Harmari Contractor Reporter is just as useful as it is for finding unlicensed contractors.