Special Investigation Units (SIU) within insurance companies are tasked with analyzing claims for their validity, and to detect fraudulent claims. Fraud can occur with many different schemes.

If someone has a financial motive to pay off a vehicle loan, then they may try to sell the vehicle first.  They typically try to sell the vehicle on a free classified such as Craigslist.  Should they be unable to sell the vehicle they may stage a loss of that vehicle through a reported theft, a burn, a flood or a combination of those events.  SIUs can combat this scheme by using Harmari Search, which can search both live and historic Craigslistand AutoTrader ads, has a comprehensive phone number search, and allows the investigator unparallelled capability to identify the seller.

Update: Harmari Search has saved millions in questionable claims by thwarting material misrepresentation or outright fraudulent schemes.

Underwriting Fraud / Rate Evasion

A landlord may seek homeowner insurance claiming they are living on the property, but if they’re renting it out the premium is generally higher.  Locate landlords using Harmari Search to see if they’ve rented the property in the past.

Injury Rings / Staged Car Accidents

Injury Rings are plaguing the car insurance industry.  Staged Car Accidents are one of the most lucrative forms of insurance fraud depending on the state/province.  A recent study by the Ontario Anti-Fraud Task Force estimated the amount of fraud to be in the hundreds of millions.   A great tool to combat this fraud is the Web Identity Search Tool (WIST).  It is common for the mastermind of an injury ring to recruit friends, family and contacts to participate in a staged car accident.  WIST takes advantage of the Social Networking platform Facebook, to scour the network for friend connections. It is especially geared towards finding links between individuals that otherwise would not be found in standard data-mining applications.  It is so good, it can even unlock a Facebook user’s private friends list.

Welfare Benefits / SNAP / WIC Fraud and Abuse

Medical Billing Fraud / Workers Compensation Fraud