Auto Theft

Professional criminals have many different ways of cashing in on their stolen cars, motorcycles, trailers, RVs or even heavy equipment.  Whether it is cloning the vehicle’s VIN, retagging, chop shops, financing fraud, or otherwise, Harmari Search can open up the investigation.  It allows you to search by keyword, phone number, or VIN, and can even search multiple cities/states while doing so.


Curbstoning is the process of flipping cars for a profit without a dealer license, insurance, warranty or other protection.  Typically, curbstoners showrooms include unmonitored parking lots and street curbs, hence the name. LTAS Technologies presents the Harmari Curbfinder, which extracts the ads, analyzes patterns within each listing that identify curbstoners, including the ‘Too Good to Be True’ rankings feature, which compares and ranks listing prices and mileages with similar vehicle makes, models, and year.  The Harmari Curbfinder also extracts the phone numbers in the ads with high accuracy and clusters them in priority order.

Field Work

For field investigators who need to access information on the road, then Inspection Mapper can be useful.  Learn More.