Harmari System

Q: How does the software work?

A: The Harmari Engine

  • prioritizes the most serious suspects to the top of the list
  • cleans up spelling, decorations, acronyms, abbreviations, synonyms
  • filters out duplicate postings and postings not relevant to your investigation
  • eliminates obfuscated phone numbers and contact information by the career criminals

You agree to subscribe to the reports, and the Harmari System sends you a report periodically (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly).  The report is an Excel file, which is easy to use.  There’s nothing to install, nothing to configure, no need to call the IT department.

Q: We already have somebody that manually investigates listings every day to find suspects.  How will this tool benefit us?

A: Firstly, the task of reading through and analyzing hundreds if not thousands of ads every day is cruel, tedious, and most importantly, time consuming for investigators. It’s best if you leave the drudgery of filtering duplicates, extracting phone numbers, names, websites, license cross-check, and reverse phone number lookup to a machine and then use the results from there to prioritize your investigation.

Secondly, if that somebody gets promoted, moves on, or … (putting it nicely!) wins the lottery, then the investigative knowledge leaves with that person.  LTAS Technologies maintains the cutting edge of extracting information from classifieds, and stays up to date always.

Classifieds Searches

Q: Most online classifieds already has a search capability. Why should I search using Harmari?

A: First of all, the phone number lookup tool is limited to numbers written in a certain format.  Harmari can process many different number formats and standardize it.  For more information on why this is important, visit Why Reverse Lookups Do Not Work.  Secondly, Harmari Search stores all ads offline for future retrieval, whereas the post might be flagged, deleted by the author, or expired by the time you get around to investigating it.

Q: Searching for phone numbers on Google has yielded me results in the past. Why should I search phone numbers using harmari?

Harmari search is superior to Google or any “free” keyword search tools out there for searching phone numbers. The Harmari search can find obfuscated numbers. For example, the same number 900-555-1234 can be written so many different ways

9 0 0 – 5 5 5 – 1 2 34
900 five 55-1234
nine hundred five five 5-one 2 thirty four

Furthermore, did you know that the bubble you click on for Craigslist ads blocks the Google spider from detecting those phone numbers?  So don’t expect the classifieds to find it if you search Google for a phone number.

Q: Is Harmari affiliated with online classifieds?

No. The goal is to provide an effective search and analytics tool for law enforcement, fraud investigators and regulatory agencies that are mandated to protect citizens and consumers.

Licensing / Subscription

Q: How much does this cost?

Harmari’s pricing is based on the volume of ads posted in the cities / regions you are interested in analyzing.   Contact us for more information.

Q: Other web-scraping software packages charge for a single license, while yours is a subscription fee.  Why is there a cost difference?

Good question!  Those scraping tools periodically need to be maintained and updated to reflect changes in the layout of the website.  Those web-scraping packages might work this week; but then are broken next week!  Furthermore, LTAS is committed to identifying the latest tricks the bad guys use to stay out of your sight.  So that’s why you’re paying more; because all that behind-the-scenes work is being done for you with LTAS, whereas other single license packages might leave you back at square one.

Q: I don’t have a significant budget for any tools or resources. What else do you have to offer?

Our Search feature allows you to reverse lookup by phone number all ads that match.

Q: Can I reuse, copy, distribute the reports that you send?

The copyright on the ads themselves belongs to the author of those ads.  We reserve the copyright on all report materials sent to you.  You may not copy, or redistribute the report materials without our written permission.

Q: Is this tool used by spammers?

The reports are intended for regulatory organizations, licensed investigators and law enforcement. LTAS Technologies maintains a high standard of whom it deals with as a client base.  The vision of LTAS Technologies is to maintain a safe and hospitable Internet.